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City of Burnaby asks for public’s input on new bike routes

City of Burnaby asks for public’s input on new bike routes

Now is your opportunity to share your thoughts on the envisioned plans for new bike routes from connecting Vancouver to Simon Fraser University. The City of Burnaby has crafted conceptual designs for the Frances-Union Bikeway, Burnaby Mountain Parkway, and Gaglardi Way.

Review proposals and provide feedback

They invite the public to review these proposals and provide feedback, addressing any comments or concerns they may have. The city emphasizes its commitment to creating bike routes that are secure, enjoyable, and accessible for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Multiple upgrades planned

As first reported by Burnaby Now, the city received a $5.7 million grant from the federal government for enhancements to the Frances-Union Bikeway and Burnaby Mountain Parkway.

The city’s website notes that improvements to Gaglardi Way will be addressed independently but in coordination with planned infrastructure upgrades along the same corridor. Frances-Union currently serves as a neighborhood bikeway, whereas the Burnaby Mountain Parkway incorporates vehicle lanes, painted on-street bike lanes, and either shared multi-use paths or sidewalks. Gaglardi Way features car lanes alongside painted on-street bike lanes.

Safety first

A document available on the city’s webpage highlights that the current speed limit of 50 km/h is deemed uncomfortable for both drivers and cyclists when sharing the road. The city plans to enhance clarity on the road’s status as a bicycle priority route through updates to pavement markings and signage, with an expectation for drivers to yield to cyclists. Additionally, the proposal includes the implementation of continuous sidewalks, aiming to prioritize pedestrians while simultaneously reducing traffic speed.

Additional upgrades to infrastructure

Several other enhancements are on the horizon. Two-way protected bike lanes will be made on Duthie Avenue—eliminating on-street parking on the west side while preserving it on the east side. Additionally, protected bike lanes are slated for integration on Burnaby Mountain Parkway and Gaglardi Way. Speed cushions are set to be introduced, contributing to traffic calming measures. Gaglardi Way is also earmarked for the establishment of 2.5-metre protected bike lanes in each direction.

Survey and information meetings

You can participate in the online survey here.

There will also be three Burnaby bike improvement information meetings

Wednesday, Feb. 14 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (SFU’s…

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