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City of Toronto: ‘Human error’ resulted in typos in of new bike path signs

City of Toronto: ‘Human error' resulted in typos in of new bike path signs

The City of Toronto is doing damage control after several people noticed typos on several recently installed bike path signs. Two of them had misspellings of “Lake Shore Trail.” Instead, it was “Lake Shore Trial.”

A third sign indicated the distance from Danforth and Greenwood avenues to “Downton.”
Replacement signs are scheduled for installation by the end of the week, according to a statement given to CP24.

The statement acknowledged that the city manages thousands of signs across various categories. It did not disclose the repair costs.

“City staff ensure prompt correction when notified of an exceptional instance of a spelling mistake on a City fabricated sign. Furthermore, the associated costs for rectification are insignificant, underscoring the rarity of such errors in the City’s comprehensive signage network,” the statement continued.

“The City apologizes for the oversight that led to the misspelled signs.” The statement added that the mistake was a result of “human error in the proofreading process.”

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