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Coros launches Dura Solar GPS bike computer

Coros launches Dura Solar GPS bike computer

Coros, a manufacturer of GPS sport watches, announced on Monday a new, solar-powered GPS bike computer, the Coros Dura.

The new head mount has long battery life, uses Google Maps for navigation, and claims to have exceptionally fast upload speeds.

Key features

There are 120 consecutive hours of ride time on a single charge, according to Coros. Additionally, solar panels on the computer will add up to two hours with every hour of being in the sun.

There’s a customizable 6.85 cm color touchscreen to help make viewing both your ride data and navigation easy to see when you’re outside, no matter how sunny it is. There’s also an adaptive backlight that will adjust based on the brightness.

You can create new routes in the Coros app or or download them from other apps such as Strava or Ride with GPS.

Along with the head unit there is a free training platform that you can use with the app. It will also include metrics helpful to athletes such as recovery, sleep, stress, and Heart rate variability (HRV).

“Our goal is to create products that solve problems for athletes–whether that’s to help them train, explore the world or simply bring them closer to the sport they already love. Coros Dura is a clear extension of this ethos and truly is the ultimate adventure and training companion. We are proud and humbled to introduce Dura to the cycling market,” Lewis Wu, Coros Co-founder said.

The head unit was developed with feedback from some of the world’s leading off-road cyclists, including Canada’s Haley Smith. It was used at races like the Unbound 200, as well as the Nové Město UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

Coros Dura, $US 249

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