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Cyclist and coach Molly Hurford has a new book: The Strong Girl

Cyclist and coach Molly Hurford has a new book: The Strong Girl

On Tuesday, Molly Hurford, the author of the popular Shred Girls series, released her first historical fiction novel, “The Strong Girl.” Hurford is a cyclist, runner, journalist as well as a coach and nutritionist with Consummate Athlete.
While the story is set in a circus-themed world, its central theme revolves around the inherent strength found in all girls. Aimed at middle-grade readers, this book offers a captivating journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, interwoven with subtle hints and tips for activities such as strength training and endurance sports

Takes place in Montreal in the 1800s

The story takes place In the 1860s, where opportunities for a young farm girl on the outskirts of Montreal are slim.

At the age of 12, Lizzy faces a crucial crossroads: Should she embark on an apprenticeship to rescue her family’s farm, or make a daring escape from the predetermined life that awaits her? When the circus rolls into town, the decision seems clear, yet the reality is far from black and white.

Inspired by true story

In the colorful world of the circus, Lizzy rapidly embraces the demanding training required to become a StrongWoman and trapeze artist. However, as enigmatic events unfold within her newfound circus family, she finds herself compelled to stand up not only for her friends but also for her own well-being.

“The Strong Girl” draws loose inspiration from the remarkable tale of Louise Armaindo, a Canadian high wheel racer, strongwoman, and race walker who briefly achieved fame in the late 1800s. Her narrative is one among the many stories of female athletes from that era who made significant contributions to women in sports, yet have often been overlooked in the annals of athletic history.

“When I first read about Louise Armaindo and her wild story, all I could think about was ‘what could her childhood have possibly looked like?’” Hurford said. “And of course, I wanted to explore that—and have even more fun by adding in an amazing cast of characters, a mystery and a heist!”

The Strong Girl will be available at and everywhere books are sold.

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