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Cyclists harassed and assaulted at Naked Bike Ride in UK

Cyclists harassed and assaulted at Naked Bike Ride in UK

On Sunday, London and Brighton’s Naked Bike Rides saw record turnouts, with around 2,000 participants pedalling through the cities, with nary a chamois in sight. The annual event, which promotes body positivity and protests our dependence on cars, attracted significant public attention. In Brighton, the 10-km ride on Sunday marked the 18th event of its kind, concluding at Brighton’s naturist beach. Meanwhile, on Saturday, London riders set off from various locations, including one near Buckingham Palace. (Insert joke about the Crown Jewels here.)

Awareness about climate change and cycling infrastructure

Many cyclists adorned themselves with body paint, while others opted for complete nudity, as permitted by police agreements. Sussex Police were present at the Brighton event with over a dozen officers, both on bikes and motorcycles.

What happens when you get a flat on World Naked Bike Ride?

The spectacle drew amused reactions and plenty of photographs from onlookers. Beyond celebrating the joy of cycling, the ride also aimed to raise awareness about climate change, pollution from cars, and the need for better cycling infrastructure.

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) originated in 2004 as a global event aimed at promoting body positivity and advocating for environmental awareness. The concept was inspired by various smaller-scale, clothing-optional bike rides, and the idea quickly gained international traction. The rides took place in multiple cities across the globe, uniting participants in a shared cause of highlighting the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and the human body’s natural form.

Canada too eh

In Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, the WNBR has become an annual tradition, drawing diverse crowds of participants who pedal through urban streets in the buff to promote messages of sustainability, cycling safety, and the acceptance of all body types.

Over in the UK, not everyone seemed to be a fan of the event. As riders rode through the streets, there were those who disagreed with public nudity. Although people have a right to disagree with the ride, violence and harassment are clearly not the answer. You can see onlookers yelling or physically assaulting some of the riders. In one clip, a man struggles to get his phone out to document the abuse.

British political activist Tommy Robinson, who is known for his far-right views and involvement in anti-immigration movements, shared a clip of the nude bicyclists being…

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