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Cycplus AS2 rechargeable air pumps: Inflate your tires quick and easy

Cycplus AS2 rechargeable air pumps: Inflate your tires quick and easy

How do you like to inflate your tires? Do you use a floor pump, air compressor, mini pump, CO₂ inflator, or perhaps, a Cyclplus digital mini pump?

The Cycplus AS2 Pro and AS2 Pro Max are small rechargeable air pumps designed to make inflating your bike tires fast and easy. The AS2 Pro weighs in at 120g and 49 mm x28 mm x 70 mm, where the AS2 Pro Max comes in at 205 g and 60 mm x 32 mm x 81 mm. The larger Pro max offers slightly faster inflation times and a longer battery life than the smaller AS2 Pro. Both models can inflate schrader and presta valves, and come equipped with a silicone sleeve that helps protect against heat and water.

Cycplus AS2 Pro and AS2 Pro Max

Both pumps are comparable in size to a standard CO₂ canister and inflator head, or a mini pump. This opens them up to being carried on the bike as an alternative. However if you are running a tubeless setup you might still want a CO₂ in case you need to seat a tire. The silicone sleeve is also not waterproof, so putting the pump in a plastic bag is recommended.

I tested the AS2 Pro Max. Using the pump is very straightforward. You can attach the pump directly to your valve, or use the provided hose to bridge the gap. I used the hose with the supplied presta adaptor. Three buttons allow you to set your desired pressure before turning the pump on. I set the pressure for 50 p.s.i. on my 40 cm gravel tires and it took just over a minute to get to pressure.

Auto-shut0ff when you hit right pressure

The pump automatically turns off once you have achieved your desired pressure. The pumps go up to a maximum of 120 p.s.i., however it does take more than twice as long to achieve 120 p.s.i. as the pump slows down once it hits around 80 p.s.i. I managed to get both 40c gravel tires up to 50 p.s.i. three times each with the Pro Max before exhausting the battery. After about an hour of charging the Pro Max was juiced back up and let me inflate two 28 c road tires to 120 p.s.i. twice each before the battery died.

The pumps and attachment hose do get quite hot towards the end of inflation. That is part of the reason the silicone sleeve is included. You also won’t be doing any stealth inflating because they are relatively loud. Comparable to a blow dryer or similar small appliance. These are minor issues considering the pump does exactly as it claims. I could see this as an alternative to Co2 or mini pumps if you don’t need to seat a tubeless tire. In fact it will save you some energy,…

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