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Dooring in Hamilton injures two cyclists

Dooring in Hamilton injures two cyclists

Two cyclists were injured after being doored in Hamilton, according to David Shellnutt, a.k.a. The Biking Lawyer. Shellnutt has a video of the incident sand says it is “quite shocking.”

“The driver left the scene without providing his insurance information or reporting the collision to authorities. Our clients were in shock but after the driver left, they realized they were both injured,” He explains. “Both broke their wrists (along with other injuries) and had to go to hospital.”

Hamilton cops ticketed teenager in hospital who was hit by motorist

The firm’s investigation team managed to get footage of the incident from a local business which included the driver’s license plate. According to Shellnutt, Hamilton Police are currently investigating.

Shellnutt shared the clip in order to help with public awareness. “We want to share this clip with the public so that drivers are mindful that with spring here they must look out for cyclists and other vulnerable road users,” he explained. “We also want cyclists to know that if they are involved in a collision, they need to get the appropriate information (even if they are in shock) and call authorities down to the scene.”

For more on what to do if you’re doored, you can read more at the

The video of the incident is below.

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