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Dwars door Vlaanderen LIVE – Podium Cafe

Dwars door Vlaanderen LIVE - Podium Cafe

Roeselaere – Waregem 188.6 km / Waregem – Waregem 122.9 km

It’s Dwars Day, once the greatest of all days, now a sad reminder that even what is most beautiful can be torn asunder by forces of non-cobbleism. But it’s still an ok race even I have to admit.

Expected finish times: Men 16:40 CET / Women 17:55 CET

Traversers of the Day: Alberto Bettiol & Demi Vollering

I’m just throwing darts at this board. All these people , except maybe some dazed and confused quicksteppers, are all mainly focused on Sunday. It’s hard to predict who is going to fall ass-backward into a win here. So here’s one wild outsider and one almost half certain bet (even if Vollering has been awful anonymous so far)

Official Site , Startlist Men , Startlist Women

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