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First impressions: YT Decoy SN goes its own way

YT Decoy SN Core 4

YT is back with a new eMTB. Not just a new eMTB for the German direct-to-consumer brand. Instead, YT’s hoping the Decoy SN is something new altogether.

As eMTB becomes more codified and bracketed, into lightweight, full power, race, etc., YT decided to find its own way. The Decoy SN focuses on a desired experience, not striving to match weight or wattage numbers of other brands. The result is a bike that might defy easy categorization but, at the same time, is really to understand in its purpose. 

Decoy SN: What is it? 

So, what is the purpose of the Decoy SN? What sets it apart from the existing Decoy? YT says the goal was to make the best possible enduro bike. Not the best e-enduro bike. The brand’s up front that the SN, with Fazua’s lightweight, mid-power motor, is not an E-EDR Bike. For that reason, YT is keeping the OG Decoy in the line. Instead, YT just want to make the best enduro bike. And, in the brand’s opinion, that ideal enduro bike has a motor. Not a huge one – SN stands for “Super Natural” – but one that helps you just enough on the climbs. 

That may seem like a very European approach to mountain biking, sure. But it is also, arguably a value call.  Do value quality of trail time that a lighter bike can deliver or the raw mileage of a huge motor and heavy battery? It’s also more pragmatic for people that don’t only ride with other electric friends. 

YT Decoy SN: The details

The Decoy SN uses a carbon fibre frame with a strong resemblance to the brand’s Capra enduro bike. The carbon fibre frame is built around a MX wheel setup and houses a Fazua Ride 60 motor unit. It is perhaps best described as an updated Capra, with 160mm rear-wheel travel and a 170mm fork, 63.9-degree head angle and 442mm chainstays aimed at aggressive descending performance.

The Decoy SN is longer than the existing Decoy and Capra, with reach sitting at 515mm for the XXL. Since it’s a bike designed to pedal comfortably and for a long time, the seat angle sits at a steep 78-degrees. That seat tube is short, giving clearance for long travel dropper posts and to allow more room for riders to move between sizes.  YT uses a geometry adjust Flip Chip on the Decoy SN, like several other models it makes. But the options change from high/low to regular/low as the BB is lower in ‘regular’ than the current Capra is in ‘low.’

The Fazua Ride 60 system adds 60Nm torque output and a 450W peak power. It’s fueled by a 430Wh battery and…

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