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First look at the new Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0

Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0

The new Liv Langma, the company’s stage racing machine, is now more aerodynamic than its predecessor. Some changes to the frame, a new wheelset and cockpit, as well as internal cable routing have improved its ability to move through the wind by 12.57 W on the Langma Advanced SL 0, the top-end model in the Langma lineup. The Langma Advanced SL frame is 123 g lighter in a medium frame. In response to feedback from Liv’s pro team, as well as ordinary riders, the bike has some other improvements meant to make it—and you—faster.

Made to be more versatile than previous generations, the new Langma has a wider tire clearance, complete with a tubeless set up, for more comfort on rough roads.

What sort of road bike is the Liv Langma?

The new Liv Langma is designed to be more of an all-round race bike. Named for the Tibetan name for Mount Everest, the Langma was originally a pure climbing bike. The new model stays true to its roots while adding improved aerodynamics for faster sprinting and descending. The geometry of the bike allows for an efficient climbing position. Its handling makes it easy to take on ascents out of the saddle.

Aerodynamic gains for the Liv Langma

The aero changes come in the form of new tube shapes on the frame, which, seemingly counterintuitively, are squarer tube shapes, especially behind the fork and front wheel. These shapes also improve the stiffness of the bike, specifically in the down tube and bottom bracket. The rear triangle has been slimmed down and the “bridge” between the seatstays has been removed. Even with the redesigned frame, the majority of aero gains on the new Langma come from the new wheelset and refined cockpit.

The new Liv Contact handlebars have aero shaping and a slight flare which provides a 3.08 W gain over the previous generation. The Langma Advanced SL and Advanced Pro series are equipped with a D-shaped fork steerer tube and spacers, as well as new integrated cable routing to clean up the front end of the bike. The cables are accessible below the stem and should make for easier access for shipping the bike or for home mechanics.

While most riders may not notice the specific aerodynamic gains present in the new model, the bike does feel fast. According to Liv, the most aerodynamic improvements will be felt when you’re riding above 30 km/h.

Liv Langma Advanced Pro 0

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