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Five absolutely amazing female video projects from Canada in 2023

Five absolutely amazing female video projects from Canada in 2023

Women’s freeride is exploding right now and, as ever, Canada and Canadians are right at the center of it all. That’s reflected in film, not just in the woods and at contests.

Here are five fantastic videos from 2023 that take that to the next level. Some mix racing in with their riding. Either way, it all looks inspiring on screen.

Georgia Astle – Flip the Switch 

Georgia Astle has built momentum over several years and, in Flip the Switch, takes her riding to the next level. Touring big features and locations across B.C., the Whistler rider puts together a huge highlight reel tied together with the backstory of how she made this personal breakthrough happen.

Gracey Hemstreet – Off the Cuff 

World Cup downhill speed tuned to fun and big air in some serious, and slighly snowy, off-season sends in Kamloops, B.C. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Gracey Hemstreet show off her style mid-air, but it’s always impressive.

Lucy van Eesteren – Luce Operations 

Freerider and Rocky Mountain Race Enduro Team racer Lucy van Eesteren heads over to Coast Gravity Park for good vibes and awesome riding in what is hopefully the first in the Luce Operations series. Simple. Fantastic.

Emmy Lan – Team Bonding

After how much success she’s had this year (and last year) it’s hard to believe that Emmy Lan only joined Forbidden Synthesis at the start of 2023. The Vancouver Island racer, and now under-23 Enduro World Cup champion, gathered with her new teammates for a short “welcome to” video. Filmed under frosty conditions above Cumberland, B.C., home to Lan and Forbidden Bike Co., Lan, Magnus Manson and Rhys Verner showed a little snow wouldn’t slow them down. Based on how the rest of 2023 went, not much else could either.


Caswy Brown brought 20 top female riders from Canada and around the world together at Revelstoke Mountain Resort for another year of the Darkhorse Invitational. Big jumps, impressive skills, positive vibes: what could be better?

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