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Flannel Crew’s feature-length ‘The Nomad’ is now available online

Filming The Nomad

Calgary’s freeride friends, the Flannel Crew, finished making its first full-length movie this spring. The Nomad was made to celebrate all the good things: old-school freeride, getting out in the woods with friends and turning away from phones and screens to just enjoy mountain biking. The perfect film to get you stoked and inspired to go out riding with your own friends, wherever you are.

After a premiere tour around Canada, The Nomad is now available online. You can rent or buy the movie through Vimeo to watch at home.

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We caught up with Austen Tanney of the Flannel Crew to find out why he and his buddies spent over a year travelling, filming and risking injury to make their first movie. Read more about why he’s so stoked on bikes, then watch the trailer for The Nomad below.

Flannel Crew: The Nomad

And then head over to Vimeo to rent The Nomad now.

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