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Fox extends Transfer SL to new lengths

Back of Fox Transfer SL dropper seat post in the woods

Fox is extending its lightweight Transfer SL dropper post line with new sizes to match the demands of modern cross country (or, uh, gravel, racing). The Transfer SL is now available in eight sizes across three seat post diameters, with a starting weight of 327 grams.

Longer drop, lighter weight

The big news is the addition of 125mm and 150mm drop posts in the 31.6 diameter post. This is the first time Fox is offering this long of a drop in its SL series. With a redesign of the featherweight post for 2023, Fox claims the 150mm Transfer SL is a full 167g lighter (about 25 per cent lighter) than the standard Transfer dropper post. That may not be a huge amount compared to the overall weight of a bike, but it is a lot to cut off just one component.

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Fox remote dropper post lever

Two-position design

All Transfer SL posts use a two-position design, meaning the post is either fully up or fully down. For racer types, that means an immediate return to full height with just the touch of the remote lever. Since the Transfer SL covers a range from gravel to XC racing, Fox offers several different styles of remote to fit everything from drop bars to flat bars in 1x or 2x front shifter configurations.

With the growth of droppers in gravel (or even road, on rare but spectacular occasions), Fox created windows in the lower post that allow cable slack to be pulled from the side, making the Transfer SL compatible with GRX-style dropper levers.

Fox Transfer SL Performance Elite series

2023 Fox Transfer SL: spec and details

Fox offers the Transfer SL post in the gold Kashima-coated Factory series and black Performance Elite series. Pricing for the Transfer SL Performance Elite dropper post starts at $439 (USD 329) while the Factory line goes up to $539 (USD 399).

  • 2-position mechanical post that locks at the top and bottom only
  • Longer travel configurations offer an increased exposed length for taller riders
  • Shorter travel configurations offer shorter total length for smaller riders
  • Coil spring for consistent return performance
  • 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters
  • Expanded 50, 70, 75, 100, 125 and 150mm drop options
  • 70-85deg seat angles are supported
  • 7mm and 7×9 ‘Ob-round’ saddle rails supported
  • 1x lever is Matchmaker, Shimano GRX, and I-SPEC EV compatible
  • Available in Factory and Performance Elite Series

MSRP: $439 (Performance Elite) – $539 (Factory)

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