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Fox releases fast and light Float and Float SL shocks

Fox releases fast and light Float and Float SL shocks

Cross country courses are getting harder and cross country bikes are getting more capable to match. Now, Fox is releasing two new shocks, the Float and Float SL to keep up with the changing demands.

2024 Fox Float SL

The new Float SL is Fox’s dedicated cross country and marathon racing and riding shock and is, as the SL suggests, the lightest shock Fox offers. It steps into the Fox line where the DPS SV used to sit. It aims to balance efficiency and traction. It uses the same Internal Floating Piston (IFP) design and valving as the new Float, but at a lighter overall weight. The Float SL is a solid 58 grams lighter than the new Float, weighing just 235 grams. That puts Fox’s lightweight shock almost exactly on par with RockShox Sid Luxe cross country shock.

Fox Float SL uses the brand’s EVOL air spring and comes with the option of a three-position switch for open, or more supportive medium and firm settings. It is also compatible with a two-position remote lever.

Fox Float SL is available in three standard eyelet sizes (170mm, 190mm, 210mm) and three trunion sizes (145mm, 165mm, 185mm). Prices run from USD 349.00 to 519.00.

2024 Fox Float

With the Float SL covering the needs of pure cross country riding, the Float is free to range a little further. Fox intends the Float as a balance between lighter weights and trail bike capability. It borrows heavily from Fox’s more all-mountain focused Float X but, with its in-line design, the Float offers a 150-gram weight saving over the Float X. It also gives improved frame clearance to fit more bikes (especially ebikes) or fit better with a water bottle in smaller front triangles.

The Float’s design is a mix of cross country efficiency with trail bike capability. It borrows internals, like a larger main piston, valving and IFP as well as a larger volume EVOL air spring from its more burly sibling. All these allow for improvements in small bump performance and grip at lower shock pressures. It’s also available with a remote, for efficiency. Fox also adds a bottom-out bumper for end-stroke efficiency.

A few additional features set the Float apart. there is a two-position switch for adjusting support levels on the fly and a three-setting open-mode tuning switch. To make all this feel just right, Fox is introducing smaller increment volume…

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