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Fredericton cyclist killed by motorist on Saturday

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A tragic incident unfolded in downtown Fredericton as a cyclist died after being hit by a motorist on Saturday.

The injured cyclist, a man, was promptly transported to the hospital with critical injuries, but was later declared deceased by the authorities.

On Sunday, speaking to the media, Fredericton Police Force Chief Martin Gaudet said police were called to the incident on Saturday, approximately at 5:10 p.m., at the junction of Westmorland Street and King Street.

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Gaudet said a man was swiftly taken to the hospital due to severe injuries, after being hit by a driver of a truck.

In order to conduct a thorough investigation, the intersection was temporarily closed, but it was reopened approximately two hours later.

Gaudet added that the case is still under active investigation and that there were witnesses as well as public safety cameras that recorded the incident.

As the investigation is ongoing, no charges have been filed by the police and no more information about the victim has been released.

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