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Friday Film Fest: Goldstone’s gold vs. ‘Between two Wheels’

Friday Film Fest: Goldstone's gold vs. 'Between two Wheels'

There are a ton of web edits released every week. We wade through it all to bring you the best. Make your weekend better. Turn up the good. Turn down the suck.

This week we have a mix of new bikes going very fast, Fox putting the Gold in Jackson Goldstone, two looks inside World Cup cross country racing and a new take on Between Two Ferns. 

Fox: Jackson Goldstone x Podium Gold

Fox released some shiny gold forks this week to celebrate turning 50. Who better to debut the bougie bling than Mr. Goldstone himself?

Between Two Wheels: Remi Gauvin and the new Rocky Mountain Altitude

Elsewhere in the Sea to Sky, Enduro World Cup racer Remi Gauvin sits down Between Two Wheels to talk about Rocky Mountain’s new Altitude race bike.

Rhys Verner: Raw – Cypress Lap

Slightly above Remi, Rhys Verner rips Cypress laps on Forbidden’s Supernaught with none-other-than Magnus Manson behind the camera.

Christopher Blevins: Chapters Ep.1 Still Point 


Just south of the border, U.S. cross country racer Christopher Blevins is documenting his quest to represent his country at this summer’s Paris Olympic Games.

Mairiporã, Brazil World Cup XCO: Practice Day Raw

World Cup XCO makes its debut in Mairiporã, Brazil this weekend. Here’s what the course looks like.

Forbidden Bikes: Fear Nothing ft. Alex Storr

Alex Storr rides the new Forbidden Dreadnaught V.2 at home. And goes very, very fast.

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