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Good Morning America host slammed for ‘explicit Insta photos’

Good Morning America host slammed for ‘explicit Insta photos’

Executives at ABC are concerned about the newest host of Good Morning America’s Instagram photos…of him in cycling gear. Apparently, they are worried that DeMarco Morgan’s posts…of him wearing regular bibs and jersey, are too…titillating.

According to the New York Post, some of the management at parent company Disney have asked him to remove the “offensive photos.”

Photos of DeMarco Morgan flagged by ABC

“Executives at the highest levels of ABC have flagged the photos internally. It leaves very little to the imagination,” an anonymous source shared with the Post. Morgan, 45, joined GMA in 2022 after a previous stint CBS News.

Yahoo’s Closer nicknamed the host “DeYummy” after his “skintight” Lycra cycling outfits surfaced. “The buzz surrounding DeMarco’s wardrobe has earned him the affectionate moniker DeYummy,” the story read. “He knows he’s got it and he’s not afraid to flaunt it—and with a physique like his, who can blame him?’

Never read the comments

The comments on his “provocative” post (which again, is him beside a bike in bibs and a jersey) are ridiculous.

“Shots like this should be outlawed because I damn sure zoomed in.” one reply said.

Another said, “Mr. D, stop teasing us.”

Many of his other cycling photos are filled with similar comments or emojis.

Cue outrage

Some people were outraged he would post such a photo. An example is: “Not much to be proud of there, dude. You’re embarrassing yourself. Would you show this pic to your grandmother??”

Others responded that any such outrage is nonsensical.

“There nothing wrong with this pic. He is wearing biker shorts. What the hell should he be wearing to go in a bike ride? A 3 piece suit? Idiotic!!”

Because Lycra

As per TMZ, numerous employees at the network have advised Morgan to remove the photos from his feed. However, the host, who is popular on Instagram, has staunchly refused, believing that the executives are overreacting to the situation. (He’s right.)

A chamois is not a ‘cup’

Some users were confused about the chamois as well, thinking it was a “cup,” as in a jock that baseball players wear. In fact, go ahead read all the comments as it is a total disaster for the most part.

Social media gatekeeping?

To make this situation even more ridiculous, ABC News employees are attributing a recent controversy surrounding provocative Instagram images shared by “Good Morning America 3” co-host DeMarco Morgan to the…

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