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Hoe release the new Pro 5 hubs with improved engagement and less drag

Hoe release the new Pro 5 hubs with improved engagement and less drag

UK-based company Hope has released its latest hubset, the Pro 5, which will succeed the popular Pro 4 hubs and build on their strengths, providing the right blend of pick-up speed, load capacity, durability and drag. 

Hope, based in Barnoldswick, England, has been making high-quality bicycle components and parts for decades, but it really drew attention on the world stage with its involvement in the radical Hope HB.T track bike, in collaboration with Lotus, for Team GB athletes prior to the Tokyo Olympics. 

Its hubs are favoured by riders across various disciplines for their quality construction and long, service-free performance, as well as their various distinctive anodised colours.

Hope silver Pro 5 hub

There should be a colour available to suit everyone (Image credit: Hope )

The Pro 4 hubs have been long been popular with riders. Hope claims they have built on this existing platform and wanted to concentrate on the reduction of drag in the drive mechanism. This was made possible by using a zero-drag labyrinth freehub seal and improving the ratchet and pawl system which uses new springs. Hope says both will reduce drag while increasing durability and load capacity compared to the Pro 4. 

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