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House of Freeride: Reece Wallace’s dream yard

Reece Wallace Grounded

Forget House of Gucci, Reece Wallace built the House of Freeride!

The Canadian scouted out the perfect property on Vancouver Island to build his dreamyard and put in the work. And it was a lot of work. Somehow, Wallace could see potential in a junk-filled yard and battered house. Many months of cleaning out broken glass and sketchy structures later, he started building. Now, the work is complete and Wallace can enjoy the House of Freeride.

Grounded: Reece Wallace

What’s Giant Say about the new house of freeride?

Starting from a neglected, run-down property on legendary Vancouver Island, Reece Wallace has spent the past year juggling a house renovation, a yard build, training, filming, and injuries.

The finished product is the ultimate mountain biker’s paradise. This is Grounded.

Filmed by: Liam Wallace & Calvin Huth
Music: Fly At Night – Chilliwack

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