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How many of these Italian cycling terms do you know?

How many of these Italian cycling terms do you know?

One more sleep until the big race! Attenzione, ragazzi, because on Saturday, the Giro d’Italia begins in Turin. How many of these cycling terms do you know?

1. Race dynamics and tactics

Tirata: Pull, when a rider takes the lead position in the peloton to break the wind for others.
Fuga: Breakaway, when one or more riders attempt to escape from the main group.
Scatto: Attack, a sudden acceleration in an attempt to break away from the peloton.
Marcatura: Marking, closely following a rival rider to prevent them from gaining an advantage.
Agguato: Ambush, a surprise attack by a rider or team.
Contropiede: Counterattack, a response to an opponent’s attack with an attack of one’s own.
Attacco a distanza: Long-range attack, an aggressive move made from a significant distance from the finish line.
Gruppo Compatto: Translated as “full group” in English, “Gruppo compatto” in Italian cycling refers to a situation during a race where all riders remain tightly grouped together in the peloton, without any significant breakaways or gaps between them.
Gruppetto: A small group of cyclists that forms behind the main peloton during a race, typically on mountainous stages or challenging conditions. They work together to maintain a steady pace and finish within the time limit, usually not competitive for stage wins or overall victory.
Piano: It signifies a calm, steady phase in the race, where riders maintain a moderate pace, conserve energy, and strategize for upcoming challenges.
Elastico: Rubber band, indicating a group of riders that repeatedly closes gaps and stretches apart.
Ruzzolare: Tumble, falling off the bike or crashing.

2. Race features and components

Pianura: Flat, referring to a section of the race route without significant elevation changes.
Discesa: Descent, a downhill section of the route.
Arrivo in salita: Uphill finish, the finish line located at the top of a climb.
Strappo: Surge, a sudden burst of speed to break away from competitors.
Ruota: Wheel, closely following the rear wheel of another rider to save energy.
Maratona: Marathon, a long and grueling race typically covering a challenging course.
Giro di forza: Show of strength, a dominant performance by a cyclist or team.
Pista bagnata: Wet track, racing on a wet road surface due to rain or other weather conditions.

3. Race structure and organization

Giro di boa: Turning point, a critical moment in the race.
Bonifico: Bonus, additional time or points awarded during a race.
Zona neutra: Neutral zone, the…

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