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Intense Factory Racing is … uh… back already

Intense Factory Racing is ... uh... back already

Five years after taking over the ownership if Intense Factory Racing, Aaron Gwin decided the end of 2023 was the time to move on. Intense Factory Racing, as it was, was done. But Intense has always been a brand with deep roots in racing. So it wasn’t long after Gwin handed the keys to the IFR Instagram back that hints of a new future for the program started to drop.

Now, the “new” Intense Factory Racing is here, with a mostly new and very Eurocentric roster. The latter has soemthing to do with the new head honcho: Joe Breeden. After racing with the team for two years under Gwin, Breeden decided to keep the dream going.

“When I found out that the IFR team was finishing under the ownership of Aaron Gwin, I saw the opportunity to take on a new responsibility. I wanted to put a team in place that not only fitted my racing needs but also gave a platform for other riders to perform at their best, and provide the most value possible to the brands that are supporting us,” Breeden says. “The vision for the team is to offer an environment for personal growth. A place where we develop people and craft riders, providing a platform for champions to form.”

2024 sees IFR move back into the elite women’s field with 27-year-old Scotish raacer Louise Ferguson. Alongside the two elites, Breeden and Ferguson, IFR is betting on two new juniors. Oscar Griffiths is also from the U.K. And, keeping some connection to California, the U.S.A.’s Ryder Lawrence.

Intense Factory Racing Team 2024: Crafting a New Future

New team, new bike

Intense Factory Racing is rolling into 2024 with more than a refreshed roster. IFR will show up at the first World Cup in Fort William with the new M1 race bike. That will be kitted out with the teams new roster of sponsors: Continental, TLD, e*thirteen, Saddleback, J-Tech Suspension, Öhlins, OneUp Components, HT, Smanie, Peaty’s, Works Components and TRP.

“This year’s team reminds me of why I started Intense, and it feels like history is coming full-circle after 30 years. The relaunch of the M1 combined with the introduction of a fresh, new IFR program combines old traditions with new possibilities,” says Jeff Steber, founder and CEO of Intense. “Joe has ridden Intense since his early days as a Junior. Ryder and Oscar are both very promising Juniors. Add to that the team’s exciting return to the Women’s Elite field with the super-talented Louise Ferguson….

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