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I’ve seen the future, but I still need to see where I’m going: Engo 2 head-up display sunglasses review

Engo 2 Head-up display glasses

We are all tech nerds here at Cyclingnews, and personally I take great enjoyment in pulling together my guide to the best cycling glasses, so when Engo approached me to see if I wanted to test out its second model of head-up display glasses, the ‘Engo 2’, I parked my initial scepticism, took delivery, and set about testing.

I am rather picky when it comes to cycling glasses, and there is I’m afraid plenty for me to be picky about, but despite that I do think these might have some real benefits in specific situations, though for the generalists I’m going to start by saying they’re not something I’d recommend, so if you only came here for a go/no go decision then there you have it.

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