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Jackson Goldsone’s ‘Quest for Redeption’ in Ep.4 of ‘Beyond Limits’

Jackson Goldsone's 'Quest for Redeption' in Ep.4 of 'Beyond Limits'

After some mechanical misfortune derailed Jackson Goldstone’s race at the Andorra World Cup, the young Syndicate racer headed into the next two French World Cup races on a …Quest for Redemption? Wait, what? Well, that’s the plotline for the fourth episode of Beyond Limits: The Jackson Goldstone Story.

Only in Jackson Goldstone’s world does one flat tire in your first elite season require a “quest for redemption.” Or maybe GoPro’s marketing minds got a little desperate in their clickbait-y headline. Oh well, you’re here now. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with watching 35 minutes of Goldstone riding fast and being incredibly stoked on bikes.

Quest for Redemption – Beyond Limits: The Jackson Goldstone Story

GoPro’s take:

In Episode 4, Jackson takes us on a thrilling journey of redemption. After a series of ups and downs, he fights back with an incredible display of skill and tenacity. With two remarkable podium finishes securing 4th place in both races, Jackson not only redeems himself but also sends a powerful message to the mountain biking world – he’s here to stay, and his journey has only just begun.

Sitting now in 2nd overall in the standings, Jackson goes into the final 2 races with his sights set on the overall points lead and potentially another win to add to the season.

Don’t miss this incredible story of resilience and passion as Jackson Goldstone defies the odds and proves that nothing can hold him back from his pursuit of greatness.

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