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Jesse Melamed and Jack Menzies race bikes stolen after World Cup

Jesse Melamed and Jack Menzies race bikes stolen after World Cup

Jesse Melamed and new teammate Jack Menzies just hit a big speed bump in their enduro World Cup campaign. All four of their Canyon Cllctv bikes were stolen last night. That includes race bikes and spare bikes.

Four bikes were stoled from the team van. The Canyon Cllctv’s Canadian duo were stopped outside Vienna, Austria on the way from the first World Cup in Finale Ligure to an all-new race venue this weekend in Poland.

Both riders race bikes, the new Canyon Strive and spare bikes were taken in the theft. One bike was spotted outside Bratislava. Melamed is asking anyone in the area to keep their eyes open and get in touch with any news of the bikes.

Jesse Melamed shared a photo of his stolen team-spec Canyon Strive

Melamed, 2022 series winner and second overall last year, says he and Menzies should have bikes for this weekend. The team and sponsors working hard to get replacement rigs built up for the two Canadians. Both bikes are, of course, built up with very non-standard parts and clearly labelled with the two rider’s names.

Bike theft sucks. It really sucks to see a strong start to the season for Menzies and Melamed be disrupted by bike theft. With just a few days between Saturday’s race in Finale Ligure and the start of practice for this weekend’s World Cup in Poland, this is not how the two Canadians would have wanted to spend their days off.

Jesse Melamed's spare bike
The Canadian duo’s spare bikes, with standard paint but very non-standard parts, were also lifted. Photo: Jesse Melamed / Instagram

Bad spring for stolen bikes

Canyon Cllctv’s loss isn’t the only time this spring a team’s race bikes were stole post World Cup. The small U.S.-based Frameworks Racing had its fleet of custom downhill bikes stolen after the Fort William World Cup while stopped overnight in Milton Keynes. That included Asa Vermette’s bike, which he had just won his World Cup debut on.

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