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Kask Elemento review: a pinnacle helmet that stays put

Kask Elemento review: a pinnacle helmet that stays put

Although Kask, launched in 2004, is a relatively new brand compared to some of its competitors, the name is very well known. Like other brands of the time, it’s fair to say that Kask enjoyed a surge in popularity due to an association with Team Sky. The nameplate has graced the heads of the British WorldTour squad for the entirety of its existence and continues through to today under the Ineos Grenadiers team name. As the Tour de France wins stacked up, the iconic black and blue became almost synonymous with the Italian brand but success has been further reaching. 

As Kask enjoyed the boost in visibility, it was a commitment to innovation and safety that secured the name in the minds of the public. Our list of the best road bike helmets also reflects that product-first focus with Kask securing a position for multiple models over the years. In early 2023 when Kask pushed out a helmet unlike any other called the Kask Elemento, it once again made the list. 

I’ve had the Elemento since last summer and after wearing it for long hours covering multiple countries, I’m ready to talk about it. The Elemento is both an evolution and a revolution. Details are not only unusual in the Kask lineup but completely unique in the market and bordering on experimental. It’s an all-around helmet that works for a wide variety of riding but is it right for you? If you are looking for a new road helmet this summer keep reading for more information about this innovative option. 

Kask Elemento side view

The Elemento starts with a design similar to the Protone Icon but adds more sophisticated engineering (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics

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