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Lazer unveils revamped Z1 KinetiCore: lighter, still stylish, and comfortable

Lazer unveils revamped Z1 KinetiCore: light, stylish as ever, and more comfortable than ever

On Wednesday, Lazer unveiled the all-new Z1 KinetiCore helmet. The new model is light, has excellent ventilation, and has swapped out MIPS for its proprietary KinetiCore design. The new helmet it an update of an older popular model, (also called the Z1), which had been out of the product line up for a couple of years. It looks almost exactly the same as the previous version in terms of aesthetics, but has been updated with Kineticore for better safety and ventilation.


Lazer’s KinetiCore protection technology is the company’s alternate to MIPS that was unveiled in 2022 on as a lighter version that would offer rotational impact safety. Now, the Z1 features the tech, and the result is a 5-STAR Virginia Tech protection rating and just a 220g weight for size medium.

Impressive helmet ratings

While all helmets must meet minimum safety requirements, not all are equal. The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, completely independent of manufacturer influence, provides unbiased 5-star ratings based on impact protection.  As you can guess, the more stars indicate better protection, so the Z1 KinetiCore stands out as a top performer.

KinetiCore keeps going

Lazer’s KinetiCore tech is a helmet upgrade that’s been in the works for over a decade. They’ve spiced up the whole helmet game by adding special Controlled Crumple Zones inside. These zones bring built-in rotational-impact protection to the party, giving you top-notch multidirectional safety.

Although it looks very, very similar to the earlier version,  it actually uses less stuff overall. That means better ventilation, a lighter helmet, and fewer plastic parts in the mix. The Z1 has received a thorough makeover, making it not just safer but also more comfy and eco-friendly.

Speaking of safety, if you want to add the optional Universal Lazer LED taillight, you can just snap one on the the back of the shell.

Operating the RollSys is a breeze; a minor adjustment to the chin strap was all it took to eliminate any excess slack. The helmet is exceptionally comfortable and maintains the same snug fit as its predecessor.

Optimized ventilation and aerodynamics

Strategically placed vents (31 of them!), inclined bridges, and a floating headband ensure superior ventilation without compromising aerodynamics. Adding a Lazer Aeroshell closes vents for enhanced aerodynamics and weather protection. It’s marginal gains, sure, but why not? It clips on easily on those days when you wanna be faster.

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