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Lazer Verde KinetiCore embodies three R’s of reycling

Lazer Verde KinetiCore embodies three R's of reycling

Most people will be, at this point, familiar with the three R’s of recycling: reduce, reuse, recycle. But how many products in cycling’s current wave of green packaging actually meet all three? Belgian helmet brand, Lazer, is elevating its environmental game by targeting all three R’s with it’s new Verde KinetiCore helmet.

The idea is simple. Create a helmet that is safe, functional and has as minimal environmental impact as possible.

“We are well aware that the production of a helmet will always have an impact on the environment, but we do strive to reduce this impact,”says Peter Dufynslaeger, the commercial director at Lazer. “This new helmet is a step in the right direction for Lazer. Our journey on this path – will not end with Verde KinetiCore.”

Lazer Verde KinetiCore: Recycled, recyclable and reduced materials

To minimize the Verde KinetiCore’s environmental impact, Lazer re-imagines the three R’s for commercial production.

First, the Verde’s weight is made of a minimum of 70 per cent recycled materials. These are utilized in the helmet’s outer and inner shell, fit system and straps. Many of materials are, apparently, made from recycled CD’s. As Lazer says, “Who knew your old Nickelback and Madonna CDs would still come in handy?” While we may disagree on the timelessness of Madonna’s catalogue, recycling the mountains of old CD’s lying around is a great thing.

Second, the Verde KinetiCore is made of recyclable materials. This makes the Verde, in Lazer’s words, “Ready for a circular future.” The helmet’s patented EcoLoc system uses a zero-glue construction, so riders can easily disassemble the helmet and recycle it at home.

Finally, Lazer reduces the materials used in the Verde. There are fewer components than traditional helmet construction, so less material that needs to be recycled and recyclable in the first place.

Verde KinetiCore: Functionally green

The most important part of any helmet is, arguably, still its ability to protect your head. The Verde has a built-in port for Lazer’s universal LED to increase visibility, at night or during the day. This also contributes to our green future, as it allows the easy removal of the LED and batteries compared to integrated designs.

For concussion protection, Lazer includes its KinetiCore technology in the Verde. KinetiCore uses controlled crumple zones incorporated into the helmet to provide multi-directional protection.

The Verde achieved a four…

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