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Lazer Z1 Kineticore helmet review: A new lightweight king

Lazer Z1 Lifebeam Cycling...

Because of my work on the best road bike helmets buyers guide, I look at a lot of helmets. As that volume of options passes through my hands, one of the things that’s obvious is how stratified modern road bike helmets are. Unlike the UCI’s limit on bike weight, there’s no lower weight limit for helmets and each brand is welcome to innovate in whatever way makes sense. At the top of the range, some go for aero, others go for lightweight ventilation. 

In this case, the Lazer Z1 helmet is the brand’s premier climber’s helmet. It sits alongside the aero focused Vento Kineticore in the lineup but so far the Vento has had something the Z1 hasn’t. Even though the Vento has been out since 2022, and we’ve seen a number of lower spec Lazer helmets get it, only now is the Z1 getting the Kineticore treatment. Kineticore isn’t the only change though and the latest Z1 is coming to market as one of the lightest, if not the lightest, road bike helmets available. 

If your preference for helmets is light and airy, the Z1 might be just what you are looking for. Keep reading to see my experience with the Z1 and decide if it’s time for a new lightweight helmet for your summer, or even winter, riding. 

Lazer Z1 Kineticore detail of rotational impact system

If you are looking for differences in the updated Z1, start on the inside where you’ll find Kineticore instead of MIPS (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics

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