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Life of a Trail: Max McCulloch

Life of a Trail: Max McCulloch

Max McCulloch has proven time after time that he can seemingly effortlessly produce stylish edit after stylish edit, whether he is in front of the camera, behind it, or both. But, for Life of a Trail, the Vancouver Island rider leaves the standard shreddit behind to take a little longer view of how a trail is created, develops and changes over time.

The Rossignol rider takes on the task of reviving a long section of Vanilla, one of Cumberland’s classic and most popular trails after some logging. Over the course of hundreds of hours of work, and thousands of tires passing over the trail, McCulloch begins to see longer trends in the trail’s development beyond the seconds spent riding and filming.

Life of a Trail opens up a distinct and interesting perspective on the trails that we spend so much time on. Definitely worth a watch, or two. And a donation to your local trail organization, of course.

Life of a Trail: The Trail-Building Journey of Max McCulloch in Cumberland

What’s Rossignol say about it’s Canadian’s digging streak?

Follow Max McCulloch‘s journey to revitalize a section on one of the most popular trails in the Vancouver Island area – Vanilla. With support from Rossignol and UROC, Max embarks on a mission to reshape the trail after recent logging activities. Through 20+ build days and 100+ hours of labor, Max and his team transform the section into something they hope will last for years to come.

Suport your local organisation, help them dig your trails.

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