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London Academy: Changing women’s cycling for the better

London Academy

Within the UK, fortunately, there are already some well-established pathways young riders who want to race on the road at a high level can follow, from junior squads such as Liv Halo Films to British Continental women’s teams such as Lifeplus-Wahoo. 

However, an area that has been identified as lacking is support for women entering the sport of competitive road cycling at a later stage in their lives who want to focus on regional and national level events first. According to Scottish Cycling, British Cycling membership in 2023 had only 20% female members. Additionally, in 2022, Scottish Cycling found that British Cycling registered competitive events in Scotland had over three times more male entrants than there were female entrants, a situation which could very well be influenced by a lack of knowledge and support around racing for lower-level riders.

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