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Louis Garneau launches fundraiser to support Major Taylor film

Louis Garneau launches fundraiser to support Major Taylor film

Louis Garneau is contributing 100 of his paintings to support the financing of the documentary film Whirlwind. The project delves into the life and achievements of Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor, the black cyclist to win the first world championship. Drawing from his admiration for the legendary cyclist, Garneau is lending his artistic talents to this cause. The paintings, priced at $10,000 each, will be available worldwide. All proceeds directed towards the production of “Whirlwind.”

Exhibition in late June

A curated selection of 25 pieces from Garneau’s collection will be showcased in an exhibition titled “Resilience.” It takes place at the Worcester Center for Crafts from June 27 to July 5. The exhibition will be open to the public during gallery hours. An opening reception for “Resilience” will take place on Thursday, June 27, at 5:30 p.m. in the Krikorian Gallery at the Worcester Center for Crafts. Admission to this event is free. However, reservations are required and can be made by RSVP.

“I can’t imagine painting just one picture. I want to express myself through a series of paintings, in order to discover the limits of my creativity. As in sports, each painting is altered by the series, the repetition, the energy, and the fatigue, creating stronger and more fragile images,” Garneau said.

The story behind the film

Born in Indianapolis in 1878, Taylor‘s exceptional cycling abilities caught the eye of a bicycle factory owner who would become his mentor. Recognizing his potential, he arranged for the teenager to relocate to Worcester. He promised his parents that he could transform him into the fastest man alive. Taylor’s athletic prowess led to him competing in Europe and Australia. He was warmly received and lauded by both the media and cycling enthusiasts, a contrast to his treatment in the United States.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cyrille Vincent, a filmmaker based in Worcester, Mass., took on the mission of sharing Major Taylor’s remarkable story with the world through a documentary film based on re-enactments. The concept trailer for the film was unveiled to the public in November 2023. Now, Vincent and his team are seeking to raise $1.25 million to bring the Whirlwind movie to the big screen.

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