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Maghalie Rochette gets personal with new Rapha racewear collaboration

Maghalie Rochette gets personal with new Rapha racewear collaboration

On Tuesday, Rapha and three-time Canadian and Pan American ‘coss champion, Maghalie Rochette, announced their latest collaboration. The pro cyclist worked with the bike brand to create a third limited edition collection of Pro Team racewear.

According to Rapha, the all-new print and colour palette is inspired by the interplay of Rochette’s heightened pre-race emotions with her experience of synesthesia, the association of words with colours.


The ‘cross and mtb star has many years of experience as a pro cyclist, and along the way she has honed her mental preparation for race days.


After exploring the mindset that takes her to the start line and through the race itself, Rochette assigned a colour to each emotion. The resulting colour palette of calm, happiness, focus, aggression, excitement, awareness and confidence was then shaped by the World Cup courses.

The new collection includes the Pro Team Aero jersey and Pro Team training jersey, both available in men’s and women’s. There are also Pro Team socks, cap, and Lightweight Snood.

The kits are designed for high-tempo training and racing, with the Pro Team products ultralight and aerodynamic for the fastest rides and races, as worn by pro cyclists.

“Looking down at this kit while racing helps me channel the emotions associated with each of those colours and create the ideal racing mindset, “ Rochette said.

In conjunction with the launch, Rochette has also launched a podcast series where each episode is dedicated to one of these emotions. On the pod, she chats in depth with a different athlete each week. You can listen to the new series on

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