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Margus Riga and Sam Schultz follow their Instinct above Toby Creek

Margus Riga and Sam Schultz follow their Instinct above Toby Creek

To launch the latest evolution of its Instinct trail bike, Rocky Mountain tapped iconic photographer, Margus Riga, and long-time athlete and Olympian Sam Schultz. The pair suit the task, pushing themselves and the bike high up into the alpine above Toby Creek in Invermere, B.C.

All mountain riding: in which you ride (or hike) all of the mountain. Photo: Margus Riga

While long a local favourite, the riding area is starting to attract attention beyond the town of Invermere. Looking at Riga and Schultz adventure, it’s not hard to see why. The two explore the more rugged side of Toby Creek Adventures and the surrounding area. Epic alpine ridge trails, loose, steep descents and a bit of snow for an extra sense of adventure: its pretty close to the ideal of “mountain biking.”

Sardines and Singletrack

What’s Rocky Mountain say about Riga’s Instinct adventure?

Olympian and athlete Sam Schultz and photographer Margus Riga crossed paths a few years ago and connected through their love of multi-day mountain biking adventures. In 2022, they teamed up for a Rocky Mountain photo shoot and spent three days in the rugged and remote Chilcotin Ranges. During that trip, Samquickly learned the definition of getting Riga’d – to undersell the difficulty of an adventure with the trust that your friends will probably survive anyway.

A year later, Sam and Margus have a new assignment. This time in Toby Creek, Invermere. In search of yellow larches, beautiful backdrops, and sunsets, the team explores the area in search of the perfect shots. Sam wasn’t about to get Riga’d this time…

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Not a bad place to spend the night. Photo: Margus Riga

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