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Mathieu van Dribble? World champ spits at booing fans

Mathieu van Dribble? World champ spits at booing fans

Mathieu van der Poel took another win on Saturday at the UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Hulst, the Netherlands in a day full of drama–-including involving the champ himself. Tom Pidcock had a crash at the start of the race which saw him lose two minutes. Wout van Aert dropped his chain and lost twenty places. World Cup Eli Iserbyt quit; but nothing beat van der Poel’s spit.

When the Alpecin-Deceuninck rider rode past a section of fans that had been booing him all day, he decided to let them know that he was not impressed and shot some saliva at them.

Mathieu van der Poel needed a mid-race No. 2 to be No. 1 at the worlds

“What happened? Nothing. Just a bunch of booers. It was the whole race. It already started during the warm-up. I’m done with it. If you do, you better stay home. I’m done with all the booing,” He explained. “What did they shout? You better ask them yourself. I’m not going to repeat that here. These are certainly not things that belong in sports. There shouldn’t be any boos for anyone. After a while, it’s enough, even for me.”

2023-2024 World Cup natural hat trick for van der Poel in Hulst

You can watch the world champ’s spittle-shot below.

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