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Maxxis opens limited release of Team Spec Aspen and Aspen ST tires

Maxxis opens limited release of Team Spec Aspen and Aspen ST tires

An ultra-fast version of the already fast Maxxis Aspen tire has been spotted on the winning bikes of riders like Nino Schurter for a few years now. That left fans wonder when the tire giant would release the new tread to the public. After a long wait, Maxxis is, finally, unleashing a limited run of Aspen ST tires to the world beyond World Cup pro pits. To sweeten the deal, Maxxis is also releasing a limited run of “Team Spec” 170-TPI-casing versions of the Aspen and the Aspen ST.

Aspen ST goes public

The Aspen ST takes the fast-rolling Aspen and further focuses on lower rolling resistance. What few traditional knobs were on the Aspen are mostly replaced with squares of file-tread pattern, though the cornering lugs remain unchanged. Originally designed for short track racing, the Aspen ST is about as minimal as you can get and still call it a mountain bike tire. Maxxis recommends it for “dry, grassy conditions” and advises against technical courses and any kind of wet weather riding.

Two versions of the Aspen ST are available. The limited run of 170-TPI  Team Spec casing and, soon, a 120-TPI casing version that will remain in Maxxis’ line-up more permanently. Both casings come in 29″ only but either a 2.25″ or 2.4″ width. Both use the new Maxxis Maxxspeed compound.

Team Spec gets limited release

While the Aspen is already available in 120-TPI casing, and the Aspen ST soon will be, Maxxis is also making a limited run of its team-only, race specific Team Spec versions of each tire available to the public.

Team Spec tires are designed to provide maximum performance in a race situation. The 170-TPI casing is lighter and has lower rolling resistance. This version also comes with the flashy “Team Spec” wings on the tire, so everyone will know you’re fast on the start line, too.

A true ‘race only’ tire, the cost of this performance is longevity and durability. The Team Spec versions drop weight, with the Aspen ST Team Spec being considerably lighter at 685 grams than the standard 120-TPI casing Aspen ST at 750 grams. But they also come with a max tire pressure of 25 p.s.i. compared to 60 on the standard casing. So these are very…

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