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Mel Webb and her ultra-endurance cycling adventures

Mel Webb

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Mel Webb, who has taken on such challenges as the Atlas Mountain Race and the Alberta Rockies 700, can weave the zany and the serious tougher almost effortlessly. Take her snooze in an outhouse this past summer. It’s kinda gross and funny, but in this episode of the Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast, it also leads her to discuss ideas of safety and what roles a public amenity should play in a self-supported event. Throughout the interview, she tackles big topics, like the lack of gender parity within cycling and sharing personal struggles online, and more whimsical subjects, such as what to listen to during a multi-day cycling challenge.

“Just getting anywhere on your bike that seems completely irrational for a bicycle,” begins Mel Webb when asked to distill the reason she’s so taken by ultra-cycling events,” and then you have the best descent, or you’re on the top of a mountain and as you look around you have that feeling of ‘Holy crap, I got here. I didn’t get in a car, I didn’t get in a helicopter. No one helped me get here,’ and it makes you feel so capable.”

Webb is also the co-host of a podcast called Detours, which takes listeners on deep dives into all things ultra-cycling.

Recently, track cycling legend Gordon Singleton passed away. Editors Matthew Pioro and Matt Hansen remember and pay tribute to the world champion and world-record holder from Niagara Falls, Ont.

This episode of the Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast is supported by the No. 22 Bicycle Company, makers of fine titanium bikes. Founders Mike Smith and Bryce Gracey check in to discuss their unique approach to bike construction, which is all done in North America.

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