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New global pro keirin racing series set to launch in 2024

New global pro keirin racing series set to launch in 2024

DerbyWheel (DW) has revealed its plan to debut in 2024 as a global professional keirin league. The company will open up Keirin racing, previously confined to Japan and Korea, to a worldwide audience.

Bringing Keirin to the world

DerbyWheel is focused on expanding the reach of track cycling economically and making it accessible globally.
Keirin racing, originating in Japan in 1948, traditionally takes place on outdoor 400m tracks and is associated with sports betting. DerbyWheel will introduce events in various regions using indoor 250m velodromes and will bring Japanese and Korean Keirin specialists into competition with international riders.

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Currently, over 400 riders from 33 countries are registered for the league’s inaugural season, and induction centers will operate in the UK, Korea, and Australia in late 2023 and early 2024. Riders who complete the induction will be classified into one of three groups based on their skill level: Special, Excellent, or General.

Exciting new venture

The experienced DerbyWheel team, with a background in developing Pro Keirin in Korea and Japan, includes Olympic Keirin silver medalist Ross Edgar as the Director of Sport. Edgar expressed his enthusiasm for the project and its potential to provide a stable platform for riders to extend their careers.

“I was immediately excited about the vision of DerbyWheel. As a former track sprinter and Keirin medallist the benefits were clear for the sport. Particularly for riders.” Edgar said about the launch. “In professional track cycling, only a small percentage of riders reach the pinnacle of the sport. DerbyWheel will provide a steady platform for current and developing riders to perform and continue their careers.”

Will provide entertainment and also develop cyclists

“It was an honour to be invited to ride the Japanese Keirin. Through my career I would have spent almost a year racing there and had many memorable experiences. It was something all western riders hoped they would get invited to,” he added. “I wish DerbyWheel had been around when I was a rider. I’m excited to be part of the team bringing this to life for the current and future generations of track sprinters. In my opinion, Keirin really is the best race on the track.”

The DerbyWheel 2024 season details will be announced later this year, and more information can be found at Interested riders can register at

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