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Newly uncovered DNA evidence links Kaitlin Armstrong to Moriah Wilson’s murder

Prosecutors allege Kaitlin Armstrong used Strava to track Moriah Wilson

During Thursday’s court proceedings, jurors were presented with compelling DNA evidence that connected the accused murderer, Kaitlin Armstrong to the location of the crime. Moriah Wilson, a professional gravel cyclist, died in May 2022 when she was discovered dead at her friend’s residence in Texas. She had sustained gunshot wounds to her head and chest. Her bike was located in the midst of a bamboo grove just a short distance from the apartment.
Prosecutors informed the court that the DNA discovered on the bicycle was deemed to be “highly likely” to originate from Armstrong.

Tracked Moriah Wilson using Strava

The prosecution contends that Armstrong had allegedly tracked Wilson using the fitness app, Strave prior to the murder. The two were purportedly entangled in a romantic entanglement with professional cyclist Colin Strickland.
The case garnered global attention when Armstrong fled the country just three days following the shooting. She evaded authorities for 43 days, living in Costa Rica before being apprehended and accused of murder. Armstrong was allegedely travelling under an alias, and had cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance. While incarcerated, the yoga instructor attempted to flee from custody when out of prison for a medical appointment.

Caitlin Cash takes stand

Wilson was staying at her friend Caitlin Cash’s house at the time of the murder. During her testimony on Wednesday, Cash revealed that upon returning home from dinner, she discovered her friend in a distressing condition—covered in blood and unresponsive. Her voice trembled as she recollected observing her friend’s feet, initially assuming she was simply resting on the bathroom floor to cool down. However, when she called out to announce her presence, there was no reply.

Family left court during distressing 911 call playback

Heartbroken relatives of the late professional cyclist were in tears within a Texas during the proceedings. Wilson’s family and Cash would ultimately leave the room as a distressing 911 call and explicit police body camera footage were presented to the jurors.

Armstrong, 35, could potentially face a prison sentence of up to 99 years if found guilty.

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