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“On your left!” SNL lampoons mountain bikers

"On your left!" SNL lampoons mountain bikers

Remember when The Simpsons took an (amazing) swing at cycling? Well, now Saturday Night Live is joining in. Host Jake Gyllenhaal and Bowen Yang star as the riders disrupting Mikey Day and Chloe Fineman’s awkward breakup.

While the Simpsons went after roadies, SNL had a different target. The long-running sketch comedy show (one of the few remaining shows on the air longer than Homer and his family), spoofed the urban mountain biker.

Gyllenhaal enters the scene shouting “On your left!”, a refrain that echoes across multi-use paths and singletrack around the world. A very neon clad Gyllenhaal, with spandex not quite up to the task of covering his very MAMIL-esque gut, proceeds to shout-to-text with 100 per cent confidence, proclaim “This mountain is insane!” and hit on Chloe before succumbing to cramps. Don’t worry, though. He returns with Bowen Yang in tow. Literally.

SNL: Bike Trail

The video is georestricted in Canada, but if you don’t have a VPN you can watch the first half of it on Instagram below.

Does SNL get it right? Well, even cyclists get annoyed by the overly aggressive shouting of “On your left,” so that’s right on. And the emphatic stoke is spot on. We’d all like to think we look better in spandex than that but, unfortunately, the writers are probably right on that front, too. Simpsons probably takes top prize for the sheer level of detail, but it’s good effort.

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