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People are unironically telling Tom Pidcock he’s being unsafe while on vacation

Tom Pidcock jumping off a boat like an absolute lunatic

Tom Pidcock is on a well-deserved vacation after a busy few months–but some of his fans don’t agree with how he’s spending it. The newly crowned MTB world champion posted a video of him on a boat having a nice day in the sun. Then, with a mischievous grin, he props himself against the railing and jumps off. Some were concerned that it was a dangerous move (and it probably could be if you timed it wrong or got close to the props) and commented.

“Your boss must shit his pants when he sees what you get up too,” Alistair Mclean posted.

“That’s really dumb. Don’t do that again,” Justin Moran added.

On Twitter, (or X, or whatever) there were similar thoughts. Arrière du peloton – Tom mentioned what would happen if Pidcock’s boss saw the video. “Can you imagine being Rod Ellingworth and just scrolling through Instagram and seeing Tom Pidcock doing this?”

Irene Rabinowitz said that what he did was a crazy thing to do. “Something you learn if you’re going to be around boats….don’t dive off at full throttle,” she replied. Getting sucked under with the prop and all is a risk. Here’s one common type. Ineos needs their insurance on Pidders.”

Tom Pidcock’s descent on stage 12 was absolutely spectacular

Of course, this is the same guy that rockets down descents, taking incredible risks at high speed. The antics on the boat may not be advisable, but going 100 km/h through hairpins wearing only a thin layer of Lycra isn’t exactly the safest thing to do, either.

Here’s Tom Pidcock descending like an absolute god in L.A.

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