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Peter Sagan’s new beer ad wraps up cycling’s best acting career

Peter Sagan's new beer ad wraps up cycling's best acting career

Peter Sagan may not, unfortunately, be headed to Paris on his retirement tour after Slovakia failed to qualify for the mountain bike race. But the iconic racer, and three time world champion, already has some solid summer plans. At least, he does according to his latest ad for Zlatý Bažant.

The Slovenian brand tapped Sagan to advertise its Radler. Before you get too riled up, given Sagan’s checkered history with alcohol, this is a 0.0 per cent, alcohol free Radler the multiple time Green Jersey winner is promoting.

It’s a cute ad, with Sagan pedal-powering a party pontoon to party mode instead of launching a race bike into victory mode. You can watch it below. More significantly, it is likely the end of an acting career that delivered amazing performances off the bike with almost the consistency that his cycling career did on the road.

As we said already, cute. And safe. It’s great seeing the rise of alcohol free beverages in cycling and outside of sports.

Back to Sagan’s storied acting career. The Slovakian readily admits he’s long held a fascination with U.S. culture, and specifically with California. That fascination has resulted in some amazing and weird ad campaigns for the rest of us to enjoy.

Sagan did many commercials during his career, most without any cinematic elements. But his acting first attracted noteriety around 2015 with his recreation of an iconic number from Grease for *Sunroot.

Sagan’s Danny Zuko appearance was followed by another pair of *Sunroot spots, “Life is Like a Movie” Parts I and II, with a broader Hollywood theme.

From Rocky Sagan and *Sunroot move on to  Gladiator, and more dancing with Pulp Fiction for part II.


Then, for Specialized’s Turbo e-bike campaign, Sagan faced off against Grandma Joan.

Peger Sagan vs. Grandma Joan

He also played a news anchor, reporter and “bicycle scientist” for the Turbo campaign.

Sagan and Specialized returned from the newsroom to Hollywood highlight reels with the action thriller-theme’d Diverge launch double…

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