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Review: Fox Float SL Performance

Review: Fox Float SL Performance

Earlier this spring Fox launched two new shocks in the Float and the Float SL.  We got our hands our hands on the Float SL Performance to ride at BC Bike Race.

The new shocks replay the Float DPS SV in Fox’s line and Fox positions the lighter Float SL for your XC and Marathon riders but the feathery shock feels like it offers more. The SL is 58 grams lighter than the Float, at 235 grams (170×35).  As tested, the SL has a three-position lever to control compression between fully open, a medium “trail mode” and firm (hardtail-like for better pedaling efficiency). The Factory version of the SL also has an option for a two-position (open/firm) with remote lockout. Both versions also offer rebound adjustment via an external knob.

Fox builds the Float SL with its Evol air spring and a new Internal Floating Piston (IFP) design that incorporates a microcellular urethane (MCU) bottom-out bumper. The effect of the latter is that you don’t need to rely on the spring alone during those bottoming-out events.  Overall this creates a more linear compression feel through the whole stroke.

Float on: trail testing Fox’s new SL shock at BCBR

When testing I found the shock had a firm power transfer and, for such a small and light shock it felt more trail-like on long rough descents. BCBR was hot this year and, as always had extended technical sections of downhill. I didn’t feel the SL overheat or firm-up during any of them. This is not your XC shock of old, but rather one that works very well on either an xc bike or on the down country Revel Ranger V2 we built it up on.

Fox offers the Float SL in two price points: the Factory and the Performance (tested) for the more price-conscious. The Float SL Performance starts at $470.00 while the Factory-series starts at $670.00.

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