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Review: Ripton will make your denim dreams come true

Review: Ripton will make your denim dreams come true

Mountain bikers have a reputation for clothing that is, uh, “bright.” Especially among the spandex-clad XC crowd and near-spandex DH race crowd. But if you’re not getting between the tape, a more casual and less branded look is sometimes nice. Enter Ripton Co. The Colorado brand is brining casual looks together with performance comfort. So you can leave your Levi’s at home and still rock the Canadian Tuxedo on the trails.

After a year in Ripton’s shorts and riding pants, we’re impressed. Other attempts and bringing the casual denim look together with on-bike comfort have either missed the mark on the comfort side or lacked longevity. To borrow Ripton’s motto, “Life is Jort” but these jeans will last a long time.

Ripton Diesel Jorts

The core of Ripton’s line is jorts. These are made with lightweight, 9.5 oz. stretch denim made up of original and recycled fabrics (72.5 per cent cotton, 13 per cent recycled cotton, 3.5 per cent elastane, 13 per cent recycled polyester, specifically). They start with a 9.5″ inseam, but come in a hemmed or cut-off finish so you can easily cut them to whatever length you see fit.

These immediately became a favourite, on and off the bike. Honestly, I probably wore them more than I should have over the summer. That included several rides, but also most other days. They don’t look bike-specific, so they blend in great and are comfortable when in the saddle, even if it’s just rolling around town. The only downside on the bike is they probably won’t quite connect with any knee pads, especially if you accept Ripton’s invitation to cut them as shorter.

I like that they have a belt loops. I also like they didn’t bag out at all. While they did stretch a bit if I didn’t wash them for a while, they reliably snap back to true fit after a quick wash. Most importantly, these are super comfortable.

Ripton Diesel Jorts come in men’s sizes 28-38, cut off or hemmed finish on the legs (so you can cut to length as you see fit). Women’s Jorts have a 5.5″ inseam and come in sizes 24-36. They are USD 98.00.

Photo: Jens Klett

Ripton Indigo Bike Pant

If you want more coverage or a bit more warmth on cooler days, Ripton also makes full length bike-specific jeans. In a bonus for racers looking to stay within the rules, Ripton cheekily points out these are UCI legal for downhill. Will that apply to many people? not likely, but it’s nice to know the brand’s looking out for all the denim destroyers out…

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