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Rob Britton chases Vancouver Island FKT in ‘Burning Matches’

Rob Britton chases Vancouver Island FKT in 'Burning Matches'

Rob Britton loves a challenge. Be it making it to the heights of World Tour racing from his very flat roots in Saskatchewan or finding exceptionally hard bikepacking routes and then riding them at an unreasonably fast pace, the now Vancouver Island-based pro seems to thrive on adversity.

In Burning Matches, Britton takes on the north-south traverse of Vancouver Island. That’s 700 km from Port Hardy to Victoria, B.C. And, of course, Britton sets out to ride it as fast as possible off-road. While a paved highway runs the length of the island’s east coast, Britton sticks to gravel as much as possible, diving into a choose-your-own-adventure sprawl of backroads and forestry service roads.

Despite the less-than-easy route, Britton covers 700km in an absolutely staggering 30 hours and 30 minutes. That time includes the expected hurdles, like rough roads and plenty of elevation gain and loss. But a few unexpected hurdles arose, too, like getting refused service at McDonald’s in the dark.

Rob Britton – Burning Matches: Tip to Tail

Whats Factor have to say about what Britton put its bike through?

Join Factor athlete Rob Britton as he sets off to establish a Fastest Known Time on his home region of Vancouver Island. Starting in the northernmost point and heading south to Victoria, Rob sticks primarily to gravel to put his equipment and his body through the paces. And discovers some new highlights of the place he calls home. He set down the benchmark. Now who will follow?

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