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Rob Warner open up in beautifully honest podcast appearance

Rob Warner open up in beautifully honest podcast appearance

Rob Warner is beloved by mountain bike fans around the world as The Voice of Downhill. For over a decade, and across two different broadcasters, Warner brought World Cup downhill and, later, cross country racing to life with his live commentary. But what happens when the ride stops? When you can’t do the one thing you’re known for?

On the latest episode of The Ride Companion, Rob Warner gives his first, full insight into how losing his role as World Cup commentator hit him. It’s a raw, honest interview, carried out with care and humour by Olly Wilkins and Davi Birks, about a rough stretch in Warner’s life.

That’s not only bombshell in this epidode, though. Warner also opens up about a life-altering diagnosis he’s kept private for six years. The trio also talk about downhill, of course, Hardline, Dakar Rally and Warner’s upcoming film, The Way Back. 

Dive in via YouTube below or The Ride Companion on your podcast source. This one’s real.

The Ride Companion: Ep.133 Rob Warner Opens Up… 

What’s The Ride Companion say about their conversation with the voice of downhill?

Rob Warner is back on the podcast for the most open, honest and unfiltered conversation we’ve ever released. During the episode Rob talks about the struggles he faced after losing his job as the world cup commentator and what it was really like going back to the races. Rob also opens up about a topic he’s wanted to share with the world for over six years and much much more…

Rather than writing a lengthy description, we’ve chosen to let the episode speak for itself. The TRC team, (and no doubt the entire mountain bike community) extends a profound thank you to Rob. His contributions to our beloved sport are immeasurable, and allowing him the space to speak openly on these subjects was a privilege for all involved.

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