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Shocker: Report suggests Kaitlin Armstrong might have received a more lenient sentence if jury was aware of her pregnancy

Prosecutors allege Kaitlin Armstrong used Strava to track Moriah Wilson

Kaitlin Armstrong’s defence team, in their bid for a retrial filed on Dec. 15 and obtained by The Daily Mail, (I know, sorry, it’s embarassing to use them as a source) revealed that Armstrong was pregnant at the time of her arrest for murder. This detail, disclosed in an attempt to secure a more lenient sentence, was emphasized in the court filing. The defense argues that, given the severity of the 90-year sentence and maximum fine imposed, the knowledge of Armstrong’s pregnancy should have unquestionably led to a more compassionate judgment.

Armstrong had been convicted by a Texas jury for fatally shooting Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson, perceived as a romantic rival. The incident occurred after Wilson went swimming and had dinner with Armstrong’s then-boyfriend, Colin Strickland. Their relationship had experienced a brief period of dating in 2021, followed by a breakup and subsequent reconciliation.

Following the murder, Armstrong fled to Costa Rica, underwent plastic surgery in an apparent attempt to evade law enforcement, and remained a fugitive for 43 days.

The appeal not only underscores the potential impact of Armstrong’s pregnancy on her sentencing but also introduces new arguments aiming to depict Armstrong as a more sympathetic individual. According to the court documents, Armstrong was a victim of sexual abuse, raised by an alcoholic mother, and abandoned by her father. The defense contends that, amid the challenges of her upbringing, Armstrong’s childhood friend recalled instances of actual or attempted sexual violence against her.

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