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Someone is deflating tires of Vancouver Bike Shares and leaving super nasty notes

Someone is deflating tires of Vancouver Bike Shares and leaving super nasty notes

Imagine showing up to grab your bike share to get to work..and the tires are flat. That’s what some users of Mobi, the Vancouver Bike Share program, have been discovering lately.

According to CTV news, a Mobi spokesperson confirmed that there have been 30 tires that have slashed this week in East Vancouver.

Mihai Cirstea, posted a photo of note that bike share users put up to plead with whomever was vandalizing the bikes to stop. “Please stop taking the air out of the tires. I need these bikes to work. A neigbour.”

The response to the note was less than polite.

“Too bad, so sad. Us motorists want our parking spots back bitch! ” the response letter reads. “Your options: buy a car, buy your own bicycle, walk, take transit, join Evo.” (Evo is a car share program.)

Cristea expanded on the frustration felt by other cyclists on Twitter. “We’ve given drivers the expectation that they deserve free parking on public land for their private vehicles and this is one result.”

Vancouver Green Party councillor Pete Fry added his thoughts on the matter as well.

“Ugh. This Mobi station is removing the need for up to 15 vehicles that might otherwise be jockeying for those very same free parking sports that this small-minded motorist feels entitled to,” Fry wrote. “This reckless Anti-bike campaign could result in real damage to the bike or cyclist!”

A spokesperson for the City of Vancouver said they are aware of the problem. They have filed a police report and picked up the bikes to be repaired.

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