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SRAM AXS Web, new data fields, and the future of the Hammerhead Karoo

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 is one of our favourite bike computers and it's 35% off, is it time to buy?

Throughout this summer, one of the projects I’ve been working on is a comprehensive update to our article covering the best power meters. As with all of our buyer’s guides, that has involved exhaustive testing and a deep dive into the features of every option for every product I include, and even the ones I don’t. When it was time to look at the SRAM options, including the SRAM Red AXS power meter and the SRAM Apex AXS power meter upgrade, I found something called SRAM AXS Web. It was clearly a strength of SRAM power meters and I labelled it as such in the buyer’s guide.

SRAM AXS Web is a product that, as SRAM says, “tells the story of how your bike performed” on your ride. A good way to think about that is to consider how many of us use a product like Strava. After a ride, while having a bit of food, you might browse through the data that describes how your body performed. You could zoom in and check your power and heart rate on that one climb you love (or hate) and see if you did a better job that day. What you can’t see is what gear you were in or if your tire pressure was right. That’s where SRAM AXS Web comes into the picture. The system still has performance data as it relates to your body but it goes well beyond that and takes a deep dive into the hardware you were using. 

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