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Suplest Edge + Mountain Performance shoe: comfortable, lightweight and responsive

Suplest Edge + Mountain Performance shoe: comfortable, lightweight and responsive

It doesn’t take long to figure out if you like a pair of MTB shoes or not. Although I like to test things for several weeks, after a few rides you get the feel and quickly form some opinions. And I immedaitely liked the Suplest Edge + 2.0 MTB performance footwear. It wasn’t just the fit–which is comfortable and secure–but the feeling when I pushed on the pedals, especially up the steep rises. It also comes with a proprietary insole that I might just borrow for my road shoes.

Swiss-made shoes arrive in Canada

Suplest has been around since 2007, but it’s only recently that you can see them here in Canada. Suplest was founded in Bern, Switzerland, in 2007 by two cyclists who wanted to create performance footwear for the road and MTB. The shoes are ridden at all levels of the sport, and there’s been plenty of input from WorldTour riders who use them on the road. Paris-Roubaix champion Fabian Cancellara has used them, and the company even created a special edition of the shoes to celebrate the Swiss rider.

As for my test shoes, they are the medium rung of the company’s offerings. But still, they are very much a performance shoe. Super stiff and lightweight, they would ideal for MTB or gravel racing. The footwear comes in at 364 g, including the Solestar insole.

Snug and comfortable fit

The mesh lining has silicone dots to improve heel grip, which Suplest says will provide increased comfort with reduced weight. It definitely has a snug and pleasant fit, so the microfibers that make up the upper are doing their job. I’ve noticed some shoes can feel funny on the pressure points of your feet – notably by the ball of my foot. But I had no issues with these. The upper also has a thin layer of carbon to help with pressure distribution.

The shoe features what Suplest calls an “anatomic wrap,” which could explain the comfort level. It’s designed to cater to a variety of foot shapes and widths, ensuring an optimal foothold is achieved. I didn’t totally love the all-black exterior at first, but at least they will never look dirty.

Grippy for gravel

There’s a single BOA fastener on each shoe, and it keeps your feet snug and secure. There are also Mud-Studs included for days when you need more grip in some sloppy weather. I tested them on dry trails, but a few times I had to get off on some steep hills on my gravel bike, and they had a good grip. They would be fine for CX too, and given the power transfer I felt, they’d hit the mark in…

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