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‘Tabor is a total wattage track’ – Jeremy Powers previews Tabor CX Worlds course and tech

'Tabor is a total wattage track' - Jeremy Powers previews Tabor CX Worlds course and tech

With the UCI Cyclocross World Championships coming up fast it’s all eyes on Tabor. The dominance of Mathieu Van der Poel and Fem van Empel this season has somewhat muted the discussions of potential winners, at the senior level at least, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. 

Cyclocross is often a little hard to penetrate, but luckily we managed to snag an expert to chat through the Tabor course, and tech decisions, and find out if anyone can beat the two favourites. Jeremy Powers needs little introduction to ‘cross fans – 90 victories and four national titles speak for themselves, but for many of us he’s also been the voice of ‘cross as a commentator.

To kick off, I asked him to give us a flavour of the course. Unlike big-name tracks like Koksijde or Zonhoven, Tabor isn’t dominated by a single surface or a standout feature, so what’s it like to race on?

Two cyclocross riders runmninng over th epolanks

The placement of the planks is key. If they’re two inches different they can become unrideable. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Jeremy Powers: Tabor in particular, usually, the weather is the thing that makes it unique this time of the year. When it’s held as a World Cup in the earlier part of the year, it’s usually drier, and it can be just a total wattage track, meaning there is nowhere that you can’t just put down power. It’s very wide, and you can just, you can just put power all over the place. There are the double planks that you can ride, if you have enough gas in the tank, but it depends on how they’re placed. If they’re placed two inches differently you can’t do it; no one can. 

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